Candy Creator Makeup Kit


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Candy Creator Makeup Kit


When you go in this Candy Creator Makeup Kit, you’ll be ready to serve your candy making overseer! Now all you gotta do is memorize all those rhyming songs.




Do you know how hard it is to get hired at that famous candy warehouse? It’s super-duper hard… We checked into it, and we were shocked by all the little things you gotta have. Here’s just a few of them: “Applicant must be no more than four feet tall and must have the appropriate orange colored skin tone that is reminiscent of candied orange slices, as well as pantone 15-5534 TPX Bright Green colored hair that is reminiscent of molded taffy when styled. Applicant must also be proficient in freestyle rhyming about situations regarding excessive consumption of sweets, excessive use of chewing gum, and bad manners. Core tasks include cocoa river sailing, gumball shellacking, and removing blueberry stricken children via rolling out the door. Knowledge of Word and Excel a plus.” Whew, good luck with that! Luckily if you want to just LOOK like a candy creator, our makeup kit can do that lickety-split.

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