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Child Classic Finn Costume


The Lich is back and is threatening all of Ooo! You know what to do! Grab Jake, put on this Child Classic Finn Costume and show off your Adventure Time battle moves.




Ooo is one crazy place. One minute Ice King and Gunter are cooking up some plan to kidnap a Princess Bubblegum, the next Hunson Abadeer is stealing the souls of all the people in the Candy Kingdom. Oh, and did we mention there’s a 1000 year old vampire girl named Marceline who plays a bass guitar shaped like an axe? With this Adventure Time outfit, your child gets to be Finn the Human, the young hero who gets to deal with that on a daily basis. Don’t worry though, when you got a mathematical hat with nubs like those ones, it gives you the guts to take on any bad guy.

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