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Karate Kid Skeleton Suit


When you go in our Karate Kid Skeleton Suit, you might just get into an epic skeleton brawl! Or you might just have an epic party.




We have to recommend that you leave Danny LaRusso alone when you wear this Skeleton Suit from Karate Kid. Sure, he’s kind of a nerd who’s totally hitting on your girlfriend when you’re not looking. And yes, it was him who sprayed you with the hose in the bathroom, but violence is not the answer. It won’t end well if you chase him through the neighborhood, since Mr. Miyagi will probably show up to school you at martial arts. We recommend that you be the bigger man. Go back to the dance party. Have a great time. Then, Daniel-san is the one who ends up looking like a jerk, while you just look like scary skeleton having a good time at a party.

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